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I recently started watching the Netflix series “Altered Carbon” based on the book series by Richard Morgan, and I can’t help but reflect on the concept of identity. What does it mean to be who we are? What defines our perception of self? Are our bodies merely vessels to hold our consciousness? How does that affect the way people interact with our bodies and perceive who we are? I felt inspired to write a poem entitled, “The Sleeve.” Check it out below:

The Sleeve


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Tales From The Bell Jar

Tales From The Bell Jar by A.C. Rust

A collection of poetry exploring the individual’s descent and ascent from a dissociated world.  Available in print and ebook editions. You can read excerpts by heading to The Brain!

All proceeds from Amazon and brick and mortar purchases, and a portion of proceeds from the tiered packages go directly to support Dreamcatcher Youth Services! They are the only Alameda county shelter for homeless kids age 13-18 and are working to build a shelter specifically for young girls escaping commercial sexual exploitation called Nika’s Place and Girl’s Lounge. Check them out here!